Carpal Tunnel Relief in Port St. Lucie FL

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Did you know that the nerves in your wrist can be pinched just like the vertebrae in your spine? This interruption in the wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be very costly to use an invasive approach and many people are unaware that there are proven ways to help carpal tunnel syndrome through chiropractic care. People are paying for these expensive procedures that can end up being unsuccessful in solving the problem. Thankfully, Expedition Chiropractic offers chiropractic care in Port St. Lucie FL as an effective treatment and therapeutic plan to help with your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel affects only 3% of the population but those who suffer know just how painful this condition can be. Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve that runs into the forearm becomes compressed. This occurs from overuse or injury. Standard treatments include medication, wrist or hand splints, and unfortunately surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Port St. Lucie FL

If the median nerve in your hand is irritated, it is usually caused by an improper alignment of the wrist or swelling. Patients report feeling a tingling sensation or pain throughout the hand. In many cases, picking up small objects can be more difficult as the hand becomes weaker. It is also possible for a person to think their hand is inflamed when there is no inflammation present.

People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome are usually confused as to how this condition came to be. Some recall an injury of the hand that created symptoms shortly after but others are clueless. It has been proven that certain occupations and the tasks involved with them can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Tasks that require the hands to complete repetitive tasks are common causes, along with jobs that regularly use a tool that vibrates. There can also be physiological disorders that cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most of the time, carpal tunnel syndrome arises in the person's dominant hand. With that said, it is still possible for both hands to be affected. Most professionals in the healthcare field will try to treat carpal tunnel syndrome by focusing on the area where the pain occurs even though the actual cause can be in a different part of the body. Nerve problems in the spine are a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome in the arms and hands. Therefore, treatments that only consider the pain in the hand have proven to be unsuccessful in the long run. Four out of ten of these misguided surgeries are not effective in treating the issue. Carpal tunnel also tends to be more common in women because they have a larger diameter tunnel compared to men.

Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel at Expedition Chiropractic

The best treatment option is one that pinpoints the source of the issue rather than treating just the symptoms. Similar to other issues, our office recommends patients start with a non-invasive approach. Here at Expedition Chiropractic we will create a unique plan that helps your specific condition. It only takes a few adjustments for many patients to start reporting relief. The therapy will continue until you are restored to your optimal health.

Chiropractic care can relieve the pain associated with carpal tunnel and improve mobility and range of motion. Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive option to minimize your symptoms. Specific adjustments will restore the nerve function which results in improving strength and mobility. Stretching to continue to improve strength will also be very beneficial to the recovery process.

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